Editorial| Volume 20, ISSUE 1, P1, March 2014

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An Editor Without Peer

Published:January 06, 2014DOI:
      This issue of Seminars in Orthodontics marks the passing of the torch from Dr. P. Lionel Sadowsky, Editor in Chief, to me. Dr. Sadowsky has steered the course of Seminars from the very beginning of the publication to today, and after 21 years of extraordinary contribution to our Journal has earned his new title as Editor in Chief Emeritus.
      Few individuals within our specialty or profession at large have distinguished themselves in so many different areas. Dr. Sadowsky is a master clinician, recognized scholar, consequential educator, gifted editor, and perhaps most importantly, the most decent and high-minded individual that I have been fortunate to meet. He has unselfishly mentored so many orthodontists, including me, and has helped create and sustain a most unique and treasured publication in the specialty of orthodontics. He has assembled an impressive editorial advisory board of Seminars in Orthodontics. Each member of the editorial advisory board can attest to Dr. Sadowsky's unswerving and uncompromising devotion to Seminars and the development of theme issues of vital interest to our readers.
      Over the many years, Dr. Sadowsky has worked with numerous guest editors and contributing authors. He has set a new standard in orthodontic journalism of sustained scholarship, scientific and clinical inquiry, and integrity. He has sought out topics, expert guest editors, and contributing authors, with you, the readership, in mind at all times. Each issue has represented countless hours of editing, revising, advising, consoling, cajoling, encouraging, and inspiring contributing authors to make their original manuscripts better than before. And all with a gentle and diplomatic, yet, purposeful guiding hand.
      As Seminars in Orthodontics continues its evolution as a distinctively different orthodontic publication, we will remain profoundly grateful to its first Editor in Chief, Professor P. Lionel Sadowsky, an editor without peer!